Truffle Teams will only build repositories who have a Truffle project at the root of the repository. It looks for a truffle-config.js or truffle.js config in the root directory before building.

Truffle Teams doesn't currently support configuring a subfolder folder for the Truffle project, and Truffle Teams doesn't currently support more than one Truffle project. We're evaluating options to give you the ability to configure those.

Truffle Teams currently doesn't support injecting environment variables and/or secrets into the build or deployment environments. For Builds, checkout External CI which can enable you use an external CI provider that does have those features with Truffle Teams.

Truffle Teams makes some assumptions and modifications to your truffle-config.js (or truffle.js) configuration file.

When deploying, Truffle Teams ignores any user-provided options in the networks object provided in the config file. Truffle Teams replaces it with a single network that is associated to the network you're deploying to. The names used for that network config can be seen below; you can also use this reference in your migration script's network variable. All names are case sensitive.

Mainnet Ethereum Network: mainnet
Ropsten Ethereum Network: ropsten
Görli Ethereum Network: goerli
Rinkeby Ethereum Network: rinkeby
Kovan Ethereum Network: kovan
Sandbox Network: Use the name of your Sandbox, except single and double quotation marks are removed.
truffles-sandbox => truffles-sandbox
Truffle's "Sandbox" => Truffles Sandbox