The Truffle Teams dashboard allows you to get at-a-glance information about the health of a deployed DApp such as a link to the commit which was deployed, the cost of your deployment, and transactions over time.

To get started with the dashboard, first you will need to select a repository and deploy your DApp. Once you have a deployment available, you can select that deployment to monitor via the dashboard by clicking the ADD DEPLOYMENT button.

These instructions assume you have already created a Teams account. For documentation on how to get your Teams account up and running, see here and here.

Truffle Teams dashboard add deployment view
Dashboard Page Before a Deployment is Added

Once you have added a deployment to monitor, you will be taken to the main dashboard page.

Truffle Teams dashboard landing page view
Dashboard Landing Page

As your DApp matures and changes, you may find you want to change the deployment you are monitoring with the dashboard. To do this, simply click the SWITCH DEPLOYMENT button at the upper right of the dashboard screen. Once you have opened the deploymemt choice modal, pick the deployment you wish to monitor.

If you are working on a DApp with a team of developers, changing the dashboard deployment will make the change for all developers on your team.

Truffle Teams change dashboard deployment modal view
Dashboard Deployment Choice Modal

Dashboard is a new Truffle Teams feature and is in development. If you would like to suggest new features or other changes, please let us know. here.