Adding repositories

The first time you sign in to Truffle Teams, GitHub will prompt you to install it on one or more repositories. In some cases you may want to add a repository after initial installation. For example, if it's been created after signing up for Truffle Teams.

To add a repository to Truffle Teams, navigate to Click LOGIN WITH GITHUB and once you've successfully logged in you'll be redirected to the Truffle Teams home page. Once logged in, you can also click on the Truffle Teams logo in the top right corner of any page to be redirected to the home page. From there you can scroll to the bottom of the page and click ADD REPOSITORY, this will take you to the Truffle Teams GitHub app page where you can select which repositories you would like to add to Teams.

Deployment Selection Screen
The repo selection (home) screen with and without repositories already present.

Click Configure to continue configuring Truffle Teams.

Truffle Teams DATA view

Next will be a list of repositories with the ones Teams already installed on having a Configure > link. Click one of those repositories of click one without that link to install Truffle Teams onto that repository.

Note: You may be prompted for your GitHub password at this point.

Truffle Teams DATA view

You'll arrive at the settings page for Truffle Teams. Scroll near the bottom to the section Repository access. Select either All repositories to add all repositories in this account/org to teams or Only select repositories to select individual repositories from the dropdown.

Truffle Teams DATA view

Once you've selected one or more repositories, click the green Save button. You'll be redirected to the top of the Truffle Teams settings page for this owner with a confirmation message.

You can now navigate back to Truffle Teams to see your newly added repository!

Note: Truffle Teams will only build repositories who have a Truffle project at the root of the repository. It looks for a truffle-config.js or truffle.js config in the root directory before building. Read more in the Configuration docs.