About Deployments

On the left navigation bar, click the item near the top labelled DEPLOYMENTS next to the parachute icon. This will bring you to the deployments page. You'll notice there are three columns: Commits, Staging, and Production.

Deployment Manager
The main deployments screen

Commits is a list of all the commits that Truffle Teams is processing, or has processed, as a build. Each will have a status icon to show if the build is in progress, failed, or successful. Commits with a successful icon (a green box with a checkmark, as pictured) will be able to be deployed; the DEPLOY button in the top right of the commit indicates this.

Commit Card

Staging contains a list of all testnet (i.e. Ropsten, Görli, Rinkeby, and Kovan) and sandbox deployments. Production contains a list of Mainnet deployments.