Debugging a transaction

Note: The debugger is currently available as part of our Early Access program, which when enabled gives you access to cutting-edge and potentially unstable features. It requires opting-in; navigate to your account settings by clicking on your username or GitHub avatar in the sidebar. Click ADVANCED and choose Early Access.

Note: Truffle Teams currently only allows you to debug transactions on Ganache sandboxes. Support for public networks (such as the Görli testnet or mainnet) will be available soon.

The debugger is accessed from the DEPLOYMENTS page. From here, select the deployment which included the contracts that received the transaction that you are looking to debug. In the example screenshot below, this is deployment-01.

Teams Deployments
The Truffle Teams Deployments screen.

At this screen, you can either click MONITOR to the right of the contract to view transactions sent solely to that contract address, or the TRANSACTIONS tab to view all the transactions associated with the entire deployment.

Teams Deployment
The Truffle Teams Deployment screen.

Assuming your contract(s) have received one or more transactions you will now see a list similar to the screenshot below.

Teams Transaction Monitoring
The Truffle Teams Transaction Monitoring screen.

The debugger can be started by clicking on the DEBUG button located on the right-hand-side of a given transaction.