Interacting with functions

Note: The contract manager is currently available as part of our Early Access program, which when enabled gives you access to cutting-edge and potentially unstable features. It requires opting-in; navigate to your account settings by clicking on your username or GitHub avatar in the sidebar. Click ADVANCED and choose Early Access.

Please note this section of the documentation assumes that you have already deployed a contract and navigated to the contract manager. If you have not done so, please take a look at the Contract manager overview for more details.

To interact with a function, click on a function signature from the list of functions within the Functions section. If the function accepts parameters, you'll see an input box for each parameter. We accept valid YAML and/or JSON as inputs.

Contract manager functions
Contract manager functions

There are two different ways to input a struct as a parameter: as an array of values or as objects with the keys being the names of the struct fields.

For example, given this struct:

struct Repository {
    string name;
    string[2] branches;

You can input the parameter as an array of values:

["truffle-teams", ["main", "chore/update-readme"]];

Or you can input the parameter as an object:

    name: "truffle-teams",
    branches: ["main", "chore/update-readme"]