Contract manager overview

Note: The contract manager is currently available as part of our Early Access program, which when enabled gives you access to cutting-edge and potentially unstable features. It requires opting-in; navigate to your account settings by clicking on your username or GitHub avatar in the sidebar. Click ADVANCED and choose Early Access.

The contract mananger provides a user-friendly interface for interacting with your deployed contract instances. It enables you to view the current state of a contract and interact with a contracts functions.

Truffle Teams contract manager view
Contract manager

To use the contract manager, you must have a deployed contract instance. If you need help deploying a contract, check out the Creating a Deployment section to learn more. Once you've deployed your contract, navigate to the DEPLOYMENTS page, toggle to TABLE view, and select the deployment from your list of deployments. On the chosen deployment page, under the CONTRACTS tab, you can chose a contract to interact with by clicking on MANAGE.

Once you've successfully navigated to the contract manager, you'll see two sections: State and Functions. The State section provides a quick glance at all of the public state variables in your contract. The Functions section allows you to interact with your deployed contract instance. To learn more on how to interact with your public contract functions, take a look at the Interacting with functions section.