Redeeming a coupon

Redeeming a coupon for a Truffle Teams paid subscription is different for new and existing subscriptions. Please be sure to read the instructions carefully to make sure your coupon is applied correctly. If at any point you need some help, please don't hesitate to ask us a question.

Before you can continue below, you'll need to make sure you have created an account and added at least one repository for the GitHub user/organization you'd like to apply your coupon code for.

Once you've made sure the account you'd like to apply the coupon for exists, navigate to the settings page. You can also navigate there by clicking on your avatar/username in the sidebar.

Next, click on the GitHub user or organization in the sidebar that you'd like to redeem the coupon for.

Account Select

Verify you are on the correct account by looking at the application header that says Settings for ...

Account Verification

Next, verify you're on the BILLING tab.

Billing Tab

You should see that FREE is your current plan like the below picture; if it is not, please follow the instructions in the existing subscriptions section.

Verification of Free Plan

Press UPGRADE under the PRO plan.

Confirm/update the Billing Email so that it is correct. This is the email that will receive receipts and failed payment notices.

Billing Email


Enter your location information and press Continue ».

Click Add Coupon.

Add Coupon Link

Enter your unique one-time coupon code. Then click Add Coupon.

You'll be redirected to the prior screen. It should show that your coupon has been applied.

Add Coupon Link

You can then checkout as normal with your Credit/Debit Card or PayPal account. You will not be charged today; this information will be used to renew your subscription after 1 month.

After you finish checking out, you should see that PRO is now your current plan.

Pro Verification

If you already have a paid subscription that you'd like to redeem the coupon towards your next billing cycle, please fill out the existing subscription coupon form.

You will need to provide the account name you'd like to apply the coupon to. This is usually the GitHub user/organization name. For example, to apply a coupon for the repo, the account name would be trufflesuite.

You can also go to and give the name of the account as it is written in the sidebar.