Manage your account

To manage and view your account settings, click on your username or GitHub avatar in the sidebar. Here you can update your plan and billing settings, view and/or manage users (depending on your permissions), and select repositories to use with CI providers of your choice.

If you're apart of one or many organizations, a list of the the organizations you belong to will appear in the sidebar. You can click on the organization's name or or GitHub avatar to view and/or manage the organization's settings.

Default settings view
Default settings view

There will be three or four tabs to toggle between, depending on your permissions, on the settings page:

  1. Billing
  2. Builds
  3. Advanced
  4. Users (this tab will only appear if you are a part of an organization)

When you sign up for Truffle Teams you are automatically enrolled in the Free plan. The Free plan comes with unlimited builds, monitoring of unlimited contracts, unlimited deployments to Sandboxes, testnets, and mainnet, and access to 1 Ganache sandbox. However, the Free plan is limited to public repositories.

You can upgrade to Pro or enterprise plans at anytime. For a Pro plan, you'll get everything that comes with the Free plan plus private repositories and access to 3 Ganache Sandboxes. Try out Pro for a free month!

To upgrade to a Pro plan, click BILLING > UPGRADE and you'll be prompted to enter your billing information and payment method. If you're interested in our enterprise plan, contact us to get a tailored experience for you and your team.

If you have subscribed to the Pro plan and for any reason would like to switch back to the Free plan, click BILLING then select the FREE plan by clicking SWITCH. You will continue to receive Pro services until the end of your billing period.

If for any reason you would like to close your account, click on BILLING, scroll to the bottom of the page to the Close Account section. As a forewarning, if you close your account the data associated with your account will become inaccessible. If you're sure you want to close your account, go ahead and click I UNDERSTAND, CLOSE MY ACCOUNT. As a security measure, you'll be prompted to type in your account name and click CLOSE to confirm.

The BUILDS tab is where you can update specific repositories to use external CI providers instead of the Truffle Teams' internal CI test runner. For more information, check out our documentation on External CI.

The advanced tab is where you can opt-in to early access features that are cutting-edge but potentially unstable. If you do decide to opt-in and discover any bugs, please let us know on our Truffle Teams Spectrum support channel!

The USERS tab will only appear if you are a part of an organization. Here you can find a list of users within the organization and their permissions. This information can be particularaly useful if you need to view or manage your teams permissions.